What happens when your dad decided to make a game for your 9th birthday, and made YOU the hero of the game? Find out in this mini comedy J-RPG game, made for my son's birthday!


RPG Maker takes quite a lot of initial load time on game start and between maps, so please be patient and make sure you have a good internet connection.. otherwise, just download the windows version below -- it's free.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags16-bit, Comedy, JRPG, Medieval, RPG Maker, Short
Code licenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hey is like saying the game is over and is defeated. Do not use the game over its ending you need to fix the return little screen not game over is sadly.


"I need 10 bats."

"Lady you must be Asian."

funny covid joke go brrrr


this game was made 4 years ago, before covid.


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dear oaklog0317,

Sorry if the joke offended you, be sure that it was not meant that way.. I am also asian (I live in Indonesia), and it is also a part of our culture which I totally respect. It was made way back then before covid era, and was meant to poke fun to the fact that we mostly eat anything that westerners thinks weird -- it was not meant to relate to anything regarding covid. Again sorry if it has offended you in any way.

Almost as good as Another Metroid 2 Remake, Armored Core: Another Age, Another, Another Code: Futatsu no Kioku and Another Eden... I wish MV wasn't so laggy though.

Lovely game ^_^

Hahaha Oh Not another jrpg

 looks funny, a world without internet, xbox, phone hahaha 

Hi adena,

Glad you enjoy the game. Though if your looking for the one on BEKRAF, I'd suggest you play the extended version instead (http://bhimz.itch.io/onnarpgex ), as this one is an earlier version with no dungeon upgrade. Again, thanks for playing!

hi bhimz, I've enjoyed your game, I've not finish yet playing when in Be Kraf event, haha.

Can't wait for next sequel :D

I really enjoied! I didn't trust that lady who needed bat meat tho...

Linux version, please

Hi Nitonise,

No Linux version yet, but I recommend you try the extended version ( https://bhimz.itch.io/onnarpgex ) -- it's browser based, so you should have no problem opening from Linux, plus it has updated graphics and gameplay. Hope you have fun!

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Firstly, your online game doesn't work.

Secondly, come on man, is it that difficult? You just need some additional files for Linux version. Even I was able to create Linux version of your game by just coping some files from Linux version of another MV game.

P.S. There is link for universal version of your game, that can run under Windows AND under Linux


Bug Report test:g

hi Manny, really appriciate what you've done ☺ Would you test my other game instead? You can check my itch.io page and look for Oh No! Not Another RPG! Extended Version ( the newest one on the page), as it is a revamped version of this one and I would really like to hear feedbacks on that one. Many thanks in advance!

Hey there, of course I would, I'd love to, and btw, thank you for inviting me to do so, please let me know I fou do also have any other games to review. I'll start playtesting the Extended Version of JRPG asap!


[I'm a dog. What did you expect me to say?]

Couldn't stop laughing.

My thoughts on the game....

Nice little RPG.

Bats could be in a cave in the mountains (or on the world map only at night) and bat meat obtained from every bat killed.

Different monsters could be on the map world.

Monsters too easy too kill (except the final boss).

Final boss is awesome, loved it.

There is another town shown on the map world that does not exist, you could make it a town or something else.


Actually we met at Game Prime 2017. I was the Look-like Papua man (actually I'm half Flores and Javanese) who review a bit your game due to limited time.

Here my full review:
1. I really like the story. its simple but easy to understand and so funny concept. I need learn much thing about it.

2. it's well balance for the game that could be finished for an hour. I mean that you made easy Villains , but still gave some proper damage to main character

3. Good mapping and music choice


1.  you should resize the villain at last battle

I hope you really made the sequel. I'll wait it

Dude, I remember you! You're the big guy who came at the second day! Thanks for coming to our booth and trying out our game, man; we'll be posting our game prime edition here sometime this month. Also your feedback was one of the most thoughful, we'll definitely put it to our consideration when improving the game. As for sequel, we're still going back forth on our next game idea, but the idea does come to mind. Lets see what we can come out later 😁

lol, this game was actually pretty funny! The final boss is the only part that had me actually thinking about what I was doing, everything else I could get away with mashing attack.

in the glitch portal i am on a really, really long loading screen. is this supposed to happen?

It was fairly short, but it was actually fairly fun to play. Most of the early battles boil down to pushing Attack, but the later battles do add a bit of strategy to it. I'm actually anticipating the sequel you mentioned in the ending.

By the way, happy birthday to Rafa, even if it's really, really late!


Thanks, we might just make that sequel! :D

Rafa also said thanks.

Have to ask. Did you build and compile this in RPG Maker ? And if so, which version ?

Or ... are you using the tiles and sound from RPG Maker and wrote this in a different language like FLASH, Javascript, or UNIX ?

I used RMMV, and choose deploy to web. Made some tweaks on the assets though, and used several plugin (mostly from yanfly.moe)

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Exceptionally nice work you've done here ! Think I'll send you some money. Everyone can always use a cup of coffee.

... ??? Seller cannot accept PayPal at this time ?

Thanks! Hahaha...looks like I made a typo when adding my paypal email. just fixed it. Thanks for the coffee!

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Sent. I have RPG Maker MV and didn't even notice it would let you post Online games. Good to know !

what files did you use to upload? i tried this and i keep getting an error.

that's strange, can you tell what's the error? I'll have a look at it.

I zipped the deployed files, and after the upload, I get a message that says something about not including the right files. I tried zipping just the 'www' folder, then the whole folder, but nothing works. I definitely included the html file.

Have you tried zipping the content of www folder only? That's actually what I did.. So go inside the www folder, select everything and zip it; it should work.

Yes. It didnt work either

Made some modifications to reduce load time... The game should run faster now. Have fun!

Nice game! :) I find it to be hilarious and sweet! Keep it up, and happy birthday to your son!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!