Played the first adventure? Now have a go again with this wacky adventure with new updates!

- Reworked the whole dungeon!

- Crafty puzzles!

- Same wacky story


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this doesn't load for me at all all i get is SceneManager.resume is not a function

Cute game. A little too easy but the puzzles were fun.

I'm a bit confused about the treasure chest in the village and the other village on the east part of the map guarded by the purple centaur. Are those areas accessible somehow or are they just sorta decoration?

Thanks, glad you liked it 😁

Regarding the chest and village, well... initially we had plan to add them, but dropped midway; so it's just left there as decorations. Maybe we will do something about them on future updates ;)

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great game,  like how it is on the website, so I hope my computer can run it, but amazing consept

EDIT: sadly I don't think I can download this game


hi, I just added a downloadable version for windows.. hopefully that helps!

I don't know if you will count it as a bug, but it's what I get when I disarm Rafa and make him fight with bare hands.

Hello there, how's it going? One question, do you know any music composer for videogames?

A friend of mine is quite into developing a game, and need a music composer. Do you happen to know any?

Hi MANI, sorry for replying late; I've been pre-occupied with work lately. Unfortunately I have none, but I'm currently stil active in a game developer forum which I can patch your request to.. If you want to, you can send me some details of the game or what type of music your looking for through personal message (does has one BTW?) and some contact info and I'll post a request there.

Hey there bhimz, thanks a lot for replying. Apparently my friend has already found a composer, or some free tracks or something like that for her game, but thank you a lot for worrying about this. Wish you the best, and hope to hear from you soon!

PS: You see, many people told me about that PM chat, yet I haven't still been able to find it :c if you manage to find it please let me know! It'd be a great communication tool for this site btw